Mindfulness Training for Prequalified Practitioners

What it's all about...


Commitment: 25 hours
Who: Prequalified practitioners (Coaches, Therapists, Yoga Instructors, Social Workers, HR & Education Professionals, Dharma Teachers & Leaders, etc)
Requirements: Intro to Mindfulness (included in this package)
What you'll learn:

· The MAP of Mindfulness
· Essential Science + Theory of Mindfulness
· Technique & Skillsets
· Ethics & Conduct
· Application in the Real World

This is where you become a part of the story of MNDFLness. On your own time and at your own speed, make your way through 25 hours of expert-led content. In this intensive course which is delivered fully online, you will cover the integral relationship between mindfulness and awareness and how they work together to give rise to presence. Gain an understanding of both the benefits and challenges to the practice, as well as an evidence-based approach, and the neuroscience behind it all.

You’ll also get into how to establish a practice, deliver instruction, hold space for others, ascertain appropriate leadership, and how you can share mindfulness with others. This intensive is specifically designed to get you really grounded and well-rounded, so you can confidently and safely share mindfulness practices with others professionally and personally, not to mention taking your own practice to the next level.

Take the MIT for a DIY learning experience — think of it like auditing a class — or build in the live community-based container of the Practicum.



Intro Included

  • Intro to Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Intensive Training
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