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Our flexible 4-part program allows you to learn mindfulness on your own terms - whether you would like to learn the fundamentals, self-study, deepen your practice or become certified to share this practice with your communities, we have a plan for you.

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You have the option to choose how much training is right for you
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Intro to Mindfulness


What it is: An introduction to all things mindfulness, from its origins in wisdom traditions to the modern mindfulness movement. 

This is for you if: If you’re mindfulness-curious and really want to learn the fundamentals.

Commitment: 2 hours
Module Price: $47

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Mindfulness Intensive Training 

What it is:
Twenty-five hours of comprehensive and immersive mindfulness content designed for self-study. It covers science, theory, technique, skillsets, ethics, conduct, and real-world application.

This is for you if: you want to thoroughly understand mindfulness through all of its facets and fully integrate this practice into your life.

*Includes Intro to Mindfulness

Commitment: 25 hours
Module Price: $997

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Live Practicum


What it is: A collaborative learning experience including self-discovery, accountability of mentorship and the support and camaraderie of community. 

This is for you if: you’re a pre-qualified individual who wants to deepen your practice through self-discovery and the diverse perspectives of your facilitators and peers. Gain experience through practicing with mentors and fellow participants while learning how you uniquely embody mindfulness before sharing it with your communities.

Commitment: 20 hours
*Deepen Package: $1746
Module Price: 

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Certification Weekends

What it is: Once you have completed the previous modules, these certification weekends are an opportunity to fine tune all that you’ve learned including practice, feedback, direct coaching, assessment and processes which will prepare you to share this professionally with your communities. 

This is for you: if you're a pre-qualified individual who wants to bring your practice to life professionally through a full certification.* You must have successfully completed the MIT & Live Practicum attendance and assessment requirements to enroll. 

Commitment: 18 hours
*Full Certification Package: $1994
Module Price: $647

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*All packages include pre-requisite modules

Flexible Study Options

Bundle pricing rewards big commitment with big savings

Full Certification Value = $2440

These packages can only be purchased before you start your training.
Once a module is purchased separately, we can no longer honor bundled pricing.

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