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in Modern Mindfulness.


Designed for You.

The first complete, fully modern mindfulness training designed for people that want to learnlevel-up, deepen, and even share mindfulness in these times.

Modern mindfulness is no longer just for temples or "a side thing." It is infused into contexts of your work, life, love and play. Accessible to communities as diverse as the world we live in.

From the epic Introduction to Essentials, an Intensive and, if you're ready, Certification, this  wisdom-rooted, evidence-based program is ready to meet you exactly where you are in your life.

Real People. Real Practice. Real Life.

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A Singular Experience
...for Everyone

— Training Lifestyle & Certification — was designed with tender, loving care. It covers history, techniques, ethics, and offers a framework for relating to mindfulness that meets you where, and as who you are today. 

Start with an intro, do-it-yourself, or get intensive with a live cohort. There's a situation, context, or community in your life that could use the vast benefits mindfulness has to offer. Ready to bring it?

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Ancient teachings.
Modern Life.

Specifically you. Once you have a comprehensive handle on mindfulness and its roots, you’ll be able to take your unique self out into the world and share your MNDFL goodness with others.


For real, for now.

Science matters, if you didn’t know, now you do (Oh hi, 2022). Wisdom, too. Integrate evidence-based skills into your existing work and practices as educators, teachers, and trainers of all kinds. Or, go get that new gig that’s been waiting for you.


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Go deep with rock-solid teachers, renowned field experts, and a curriculum designed by senior teachers,  that are also sought after professionals with decades of real-world and public-facing experience delivered to you.

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