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Since its inception, MNDFL has been at the forefront of the modern mindfulness movement, providing meditation experiences and relevant mindfulness content for the modern human. Now, we’re thrilled to launch our equally modern, best-in-class MNDFL Certification & Training program which was developed by our expert accredited teachers and reflects our commitment to the integrity of the practice as well as our diverse and dynamic community. 

This unique 75-hour program is specially designed for pre-qualified practitioners who are looking to incorporate mindfulness meditation into their offerings and any individual who would like to deepen their practice through an intensive training. Our one-of-a-kind program, developed by our Senior Advisor rev angel Kyodo williams and Director of Training David Perrin, brings together industry experts in a robust mindfulness training combining online learning with interactive mentorship and a final immersive weekend for those who would like to be certified. Following this program, students will be MNDFL certified and equipped to bring mindfulness to their communities and organizations with integrity. And, they will also walk away as part of our ever growing family of MNDFL teachers.

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Rev. angel Kyodo williams is an author, Master Trainer, Zen priest and Senior Advisor of MNDFL who powerfully communicates the relevance of mindfulness as an essential skill that anyone can access. Leveraging practices from time-tested ancient wisdom, she helped thousands of people see how you can meet today's modern, fast-paced life with more grace, connection, and compassion in as little as five minutes a day. Every one of us can experience a more liberated life.

David Perrin

David Perrin is Director of MNDFL Teacher Training, original Head Teacher of MNDFL Greenwich Village, and co-founder of MNDFL Ed. school-based program. Collaborator, syncretist, facilitator of circle in its myriad forms, David is a meditation mentor and friend to students, trainees, and fellow instructors. As creative arts therapist, social venture business co-owner, philanthropist, partner, and father David articulates the multiplicity of meaning encompassed by a modern practice of mindfulness.

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MNDFL is launching a brand new 75-hour meditation certification training

Designed by MNDFL’s Senior Advisor Rev. angel Kyodo williams and MNDFL’s Director of Teacher Training, David Perrin, which will take place online and culminate in an in-person weekend (Which may turn out to be a Zoom weekend!)

*This intensive course will be held online and is open to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of mindfulness. If you would like to be certified at the end of the program you must participate in the immersive weekend..

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