The First-Ever MNDFL
Black Class 

Some of The Things No One Talks About When It Comes To Mindfulness Specifically for Black People:

  • Mindfulness has specific benefits that are especially applicable to Black people's overall wellbeing: mentally, emotionally, and physiologically.
  • While TIME Magazine is still presenting white women as the representation of mindfulness, its historic origins are with a brown man.
  • Mindfulness is compatible with and complementary to your current spiritual/religious background.
  • Mindfulness' health benefits correlate to areas of disease and social strain Black people are most impacted by, including:
    • lower overall stress indicators
    • lower blood pressure
    • improved breathing
    • increased emotional regulation during acutely challenging experiences

  • Learn the real, non white-washed origins of Mindfulness with the most comprehensive commercial introduction ever-made
  • Open pathways to new streams of income or through professional mindfulness 
  • The single action you can take to disrupt toxic, unskillful, mindless or just time-wasting patterns

Learn the
MNDFL Black Class

10-Week Intensive Mindfulness Training and/or Certification for and led by Black & People of African Diaspora

designed by CEO/Senior Architect
Rev. angel Kyodo williams

“The invitation to move at our own pace, to make mindfulness our own is unique and holds me accountable in a refreshing way... The methodology is exquisite, mindfulness and personal integrity embedded in it's delivery.”

—Yaniyah Pearson

“I have never. In my entire life. Been so intrigued and hyped about "the science" of anything. And yet, I have all hears and eyes with the science talk in this module. I'm all in.... I like the feeling of "I know mindfulness is real and true because my body tells me so." and now I am also able to say "I know mindfulness is real and tru because the science tells me so.”

—S.Rae Peoples

“This has me even more excited to get deeper into this training. It's a beautiful privilege to be able to spend this time with you all. Thank you for the work that you all have done and are doing”

—Tyler F Epps