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Mindfulness Training Feature Comparison

There's a LOT of trainings out there. Ours is unique, so we've even
done the leg work for you so you can compare.

                 MNDFL         Chopra Sura Flow Justin Michael Williams Sounds
School of Positive Transformation
          Frequency           Offered Monthly Offered 3x Annually Offered 1x Annually Offered 1x Annually Offered every 2 year On-Demand
Length 10 weeks 10 weeks 12 weeks 6 months 2 years No time limit
# of hours 75 hours (7-8 hours/week) 60 hours (5-6 hours/week) 300 hours not listed 5-6 hours/week 100 hours
Cost $2,497 $2,495 $5,877 $6,500 $7,700 $490
Live training component Weekly Live Sessions, Live Certification Retreat (2 weekends) Live Q&A Sessions Live Practice Sessions with Q&A Live Coaching, Weekend Intensives, Hybrid Retreat Monthly Cohort Meetups, 2 Live Weekend Events optional monthly live webinar
Community aspect Emphasized Optional Limited Included Included None
# of instructors >23 (Faculty, Guest Stars, Facilitators) 8 Teachers 1 Teacher 1 Teacher 2 Teachers, 19 Guest Faculty 1 Teacher
Curated for diversity explicit commitment to equity Not mentioned Not mentioned Not mentioned DEI mentioned Not mentioned
Scholarship transparency 20% of classes reserved for scholarships 75% scholarships allocated to marginalized identities Not mentioned Not mentioned Limited partial scholarships available Limited partial scholarships available Not mentioned
Prerequisites Choose-Your-Own-Path Model. Prerequisites included & built into different training paths Primordial Sound Meditation Enrichment Program. Must call & speak to Program Specialist to enroll Dedicated personal practice, or training experience in yoga, healing or meditation Not listed 6-night, residential, silent, mindfulness meditation retreat in the style of Insight or Vipassana (excluding Goenka) meditation. Letter of recommendation from meditation or spiritual teacher. None

Benefits Comparison

Features are great, but benefits are all about what you actually get.
Compare for yourself:

                 MNDFL         Chopra Sura Flow Justin Michael Williams Sounds
School of Positive Transformation
Suitable for beginners
No agenda (i.e. not tied to a lineage)
Robust evaluation metrics
Provides meditation scripts
Continuing education credits
Has a choose your own path model
Direct coaching & mentorship
Science-based approach to program design
Program overseen by senior teachers