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The First Mindfulness Program Designed To Meet You Exactly Where You Are


Our flexible 4-stage program allows you to learn mindfulness on your own terms - whether you would like to learn the fundamentals, level up with self-study, deepen your practice, or become certified to share mindfulness practices for your life and livelihood, we have a path for you.

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Self-paced & solo or Intensive deep-dive w/ community?
Choose the MNDFL path that meets you where exactly you are.

Each successive training includes all the previous paths
so you get everything you need. Go step-by-step or lean all the way in.
Take your mindfulness journey all the way to Certification if you choose.


What's the Right
Mindfulness Training Path
for You?

You have the option to choose how much training is right for you
Invest in individual courses OR as a package to best suit your needs
(& save some money, too.)





What: A cinematic, meditative introduction to all things mindfulness, from the history of its origins in wisdom traditions to the rise of apps and pandemic surge, to the modern mindfulness movement that is poised to change — literally — the world. 

Designed For: You’re either starting out and mindfulness-curious or already have experience but you want to learn the fundamentals.

Commitment: 2 hours

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Essentials of Mindfulness Training 



What: Twenty-five hours of comprehensive and immersive mindfulness content designed for self-study. It covers the essentials: science, theory, technique, skillsets, ethics, conduct, and real-world application.

Designed For: You want to thoroughly understand mindfulness through all of its facets and fully integrate this practice into your life.


  • Intro to Mindfulness (I2M)

Commitment: 25 hours

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w/ Community

What: A collaborative learning experience including self-discovery, accountability of mentorship and the support and camaraderie of community. Practice with mentors and fellow participants and learn how you uniquely embody mindfulness before sharing it with your communities.

Designed For: You’re a pre-qualified individual who wants to deepen your practice through self-discovery and the diverse perspectives of facilitators & peers. 


  • Intro (I2M)
  • Essentials (EMT)
  • Live Sessions

Commitment: 55 hours

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What: Full certification pathway that will bring you through all the previous modules and culminate in a MNDFL Certification Retreat. An opportunity to fine tune all that you learn through EMT & MIT including practice, feedback, direct coaching, assessment, and processes which will prepare you to share this professionally with your communities. 

Designed For: You're a pre-qualified individual who wants to bring your practice to life professionally through a full certification. You will receive all the skills, community, and depth through the Mindfulness Intensive Training so that you can confidently demonstrate your readiness to be certified.


  • Intro (I2M)
  • Essentials (EMT)
  • Intensive (MIT)
  • Live Sessions
  • Certification Retreat

Commitment: 75 hours

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Mindfulness Training That Gives You

Space To Breathe

Discover The Benefits of Mindfulness  


The benefits of mindfulness go beyond the cushion to support thriving in and for your whole life.

Our programs feature researchers, neuroscientists, neurosurgeons and trained, experienced teachers who explain what's happening in the mind and body and the way mindfulness promotes...

  • reduction of stress
  • decreased anxiety
  • better sleep
  • more self-compassion
  • improved relationships
  • increased productivity
  • nervous system regulation
  • and even a little more joy...
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What You Get When Training MNDFL


  • Training and education by an unparalleled collective of expert teachers and scientists. Learn from fourteen different individuals, including three neuroscientists and, yes, even a neurosurgeon.
  • Diverse Leadership. 50% of our teaching staff identify as BIPOC and facilitated classes always have BIPOC leadership. 
  • Modern mindfulness for real life. Apply your learning to what we are individually and collectively facing right now. 
  • Collaborative and dynamic learning. This program allows for self-discovery, communal reflection, and access to expert facilitators who can help you cultivate your unique relationship with mindfulness.
  • Credibility. Develop the skills to lead mindfulness practices professionally (and earn income for it)!
  • Confidence. Bring mindfulness to your people and communities with integrity.
  • Robust network. Join mindfulness professionals and practitioners who have a common goal of extending mindfulness benefits.
  • Become a part of the MNDFL Family. Join the ranks of hundreds of individuals that MNDFL has trained who have gone on to teach in corporations, universities, schools, and privately. 
  • Become a better human. Deepen your relationship with others as a better partner, parent, friend, confidant, boss, colleague, or employee while you're at it.
  • Get Certified* When you're ready, training MNDFL means being certified by one of the country's leading mindfulness meditation training and lifestyle companies.
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Ways To Use MNDFL Training
In Your Life

Get that Gig

Gain the knowledge and skills to get hired as a mindfulness instructor and share this practice far and wide. 


Bring Mindfulness to Your Work

Learn how to customize this practice in any professional setting, whether a large corporation or private practice. 

Live a MNDFL Life

Bring this practice to all that you do from interactions with loved ones to relating to your clients, colleagues, and even strangers. 

Who Mindfulness Training Is Useful For

Choose Your Path

A MNDFL Path Can Support You To...


  • Start a relationship with mindfulness with a solid foundation.
  • Deepen your work as educators, counselors, trainers, healers, and humans.
  • Learn a language that meets people where they are across lines of race, class, & gender, and can speak to the experiences that your fellow humans are having.
  • Develop your mindfulness muscles with renowned and experienced teachers and experts.
  • Collaborate in community and learn through shared experiences with others. 
  • Discover exactly where you meet mindfulness and it meets you. 
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Built By People You Can Trust

Great Training Is By Design... Meet The Architects

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Rev. angel Kyodo williams is an author, award-winning activist, international speaker, Master Trainer, and Zen priest. Rev. is the visionary badass behind MNDFL Training who powerfully communicates the relevance of mindfulness as an essential skill that anyone can access. Leveraging practices from time-tested ancient wisdom, she has helped thousands of people meet today's modern, fast-paced life with more grace, connection, and compassion in as little as five minutes a day. Rev. angel knows that a mindful life doesn’t happen by accident, but by design. 

David Perrin

David Perrin is Director of MNDFL Teacher Training, original Head Teacher of MNDFL Greenwich Village, and co-founder of MNDFL Ed. school-based program. Collaborator, syncretist, facilitator of circle in its myriad forms, David is a meditation mentor and friend to students, trainees, and fellow instructors. As creative arts therapist, social venture business co-owner, philanthropist, partner and father, David articulates the multiplicity of meaning encompassed by a modern practice of mindfulness.

Meet Your Faculty:

Diverse Peoples & Perspectives

Mindfulness isn't one size or one voice fits all. When you train with us, you train with people that look like the world does. 

Our commitment to diversity extends to our faculty including world-class teachers, professionals, guest scientists, and even a neurosurgeon.
Many faces, one commitment:

Feel good, be good do good...
& share that goodness with the world.

Guest Stars

The faculty represented above are currently featured in MNDFL Essentials Training content.
Live class facilitators may or may not be the individuals featured on this page.

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Hear From Our Training Alumni

 We’ve taught over 200 people this year alone, and we're just getting started. Our alumni are from all different backgrounds, races, classes, age groups and professional sectors. Here is what just a few of them have to say about their experience of the MNDFL Training:

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What MNDFL Trained
Practitioners, Professional & Graduates Say

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