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When you're ready to train deeply with
the support of mentorship,
the power of community,
designed & taught by people that meet people where they are,
(and can teach you how to...)

Mindfulness Intensive Training

Live intensive training to level-up your knowledge & practice with mentorship & community.

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Training & Experience You Need For These Times

Don't get lost in the crowd or be on someone else's agenda. We don't teach someone else's mindfulness or tradition, style or voice. We help you discover yours.

Mindfulness Intensive Training (MIT) is where mindfulness & you get REAL.


MIT is for you if you’re ready to DO the thing - not just learn about and practice mindfulness, but make it come alive. The only way to do this is in community with other people. 


It looks like this:

  • 10-week interactive, online program with live sessions led by expert faculty 
  • Learn and gain invaluable experience with a small (less than 25) cohort of dedicated practitioners 
  • Facilitation by experienced, trained, diverse faculty committed to your development
  • Curated practicum to sharpen your skills & deepen your understanding during the program
  • Practical application for you to gain hands-on experience sharing mindfulness in your contexts 
  • Experience and learn the evidence-based benefits of mindfulness 
  • Develop tools & skillsets for sharing mindfulness practices with others
  • Observe the intersections between mindfulness, social justice and more
  • Study the actual science and neuroscience behind mindfulness
  • Understand the ethics of mindfulness that allow you to offer it to others with integrity
  • Apply mindfulness in the real world with your workplace, home, relationships, and every day life 

REAL people. REAL practice. REAL life.

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We've Shared MNDFL-ness With...


The Training Package Designed To Meet
Today's Demands

w/ the Grounding of Live Experience,
Mentorship & Community

What You'll Get:

  • Three month program, including live online sessions to deepen your knowledge and skill from wherever you are
  • Mentorship with feedback and support from expert MNDFL faculty
  • Collaborative training with a small (no more than 24) peers to provide community, accountability, and FUN 
  • Practice teaching and sharing mindfulness in diverse, real life contexts with structured practicum

PLUS all content and material from the included Essential of Mindfulness+ (EMT+) training

  • NEW: fully searchable transcriptions of all video content
  • A blend of content to support your learning style...
  • Engaging lecture videos with expert MNDFL faculty
  • Slideshow content to support visual learning
  • Interactive assessments to review material learned in each module
  • A comprehensive reading list with outside resources and ongoing learning material
  • Guided mindfulness practices to embody the teachings
  • Self-reflection questions to make the content personalized and relevant to YOU
  • Certificate of Completion -  Your assessments are reviewed by a trained facilitator to keep you accountable and on track. This certificate will demonstrate your understanding of and experience with mindfulness

BONUS Intro to Mindfulness cinematic-style training also included

  • Gain an understanding of the history and modern context of mindfulness as it exists today
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What Is Covered In Essentials of Mindfulness:

Module 1


Framing mindfulness, its evidence-based benefits, and its cultivation of compassion and resilience

More Details

Module 2


Modern mindfulness, the science, the intersections of mindfulness, social justice and going “beyond the brain”

More Details

Module 3


Establishing a practice, instructions for physical and mental alignment, contraindications and trauma-informed sensitivity

More Details

Module 4


Roles, conduct, and the ethics of offering mindfulness, creating spaces of belonging beyond diversity, equity and inclusion

More Details

Module 5


Tangible tools & skillsets for sharing mindfulness - doing business, accessing networks, and other important next steps

More Details

Cultivating Compassion and Awareness is No Joke

We welcome everyone, but let's face it: not everyone is ready for serious practice.

This is for you if you want to...

  • Enrich your life with a way for the benefits of mindfulness to meet you where you are.
  • Deepen your work as an educator, counselor, trainer, healer, or just as a plain human.
  • Learn a language that meets people where they are across lines of race, class, gender, and can speak to the experiences that your fellow humans are having.
  • Develop your mindfulness muscles with renowned and experienced teachers and experts to give you the strength and confidence to flex these techniques anywhere.
  • Discover exactly where you meet mindfulness and it meets you. 

This is NOT for you if...

  • You aren't ready to put time into up-leveling your practice.
  • You think "watching videos" will make you an instructor without having a commitment to integrity of your own practice.
  • You are using mindfulness to bypass mental health challenges best worked out with the direct support of a professional or healer.
  • You want a quick credential.
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How It Works:


Begin your online study with an on-demand 2-hour course, Intro to Mindfulness (I2M)

Introduction to your MNDFL Facilitators

Meet Your Cohort (less than 25 people)

Diversity of faculty, peers, and facilitators sets MNDFL apart - gather with people who will broaden your perspectives and celebrate your uniqueness

Create the conditions for learning: community and accountability

Get a MNDFL Pod, group of 3-4 peers to meet with weekly for deeper dives


Personal study - 25 hours of on-demand content with the Essentials of Mindfulness Training (EMT)

Training Modules: Aspects, Essentials, Technique, Ethics, and Application

Deepen Personal Practice - this is not just training in mindfulness theory and techniques, it's training in everyday mindful LIVING

MNDFL Facilitators lead weekly live sessions for your cohort to reflect & bring course content to life

Get mentorship, feedback, and support

Connect in small groups for discussion and reflection

MIT Week 7 & 8: REAL LIFE

After completing your online course-study (EMT), it's time to go out into the world

Learn-by-doing: 2 weeks of project-based learning. Put your training into real life practice

MNDFL Edge Practicum is by your own design - share mindfulness with your work, family, peers - find your edge

Accountability Buddy - honest and clear feedback, offered with care, is gold. Deepen your awareness and skill with peer support

Write a self-reflection on your learnings and growing edges

CMI path includes 1:1 coaching and mentorship

MIT Week 10: That's A Wrap

Seal your training with integrity and purpose as you prepare to transition into the world, newly trained and deepened

Presentations and Reflections with peers on MNDFL Edge Practicum Projects

Receive Invaluable Mentorship and Feedback from your MNDFL Facilitators

Get what you need. Get your final questions answered and commit to what comes next...

Receive a Certificate of Completion

...or choose to continue on the path to become a Certified Mindfulness Instructor (CMI) >>>

CMI - Certification Path

Go all the way and become a Certified Mindfulness Instructor (CMI)

After a period of pause and integration, come together for a Certification Retreat

10 day deep dive, book-ended with two weekends of immersive practice teaching with feedback, mentorship, and support

Receive coaching & guidance in how to give and receive potent feedback

Assessment from MNDFL Facilitators to give you the confidence (and the credentials) to share mindfulness in the world

Culminates in MNDFL Certification*

Get MNDFL Trained Like This:

  • Get Expertise: MIT is a live training led by expert MNDFL Facilitators who offer feedback and mentorship focused on your development. They won’t hold your hand, but they’ll be there to support you at your growing edges.
  • Get Intimate: Join a small cohort of no more than 25 people - no one gets lost on page 5 of the Zoom screen
  • Get Collaborative: Within your cohort, you’ll connect weekly with a MNDFL Pod of 5-6 peers to build accountability, ask questions, and stay motivated. With this level of connection, nobody gets left behind.
  • Get Interactive: Weekly sessions are held live on Zoom to connect with MNDFL Facilitators, get your questions answered, and dig deeper into the training content with your MNDFL Pod in breakout rooms. There’s no joining this training anonymously just to “listen in” - this is where your unique mindfulness voice comes alive. 
  • Get Practiced: Theory is all well and good, but what happens when you sit in front of people to share? How about people that are different - that stretch your learning edge? Scripts will get you but so (not very) far. Practicums are project-based learning, because learning-by-doing is the premier way to learn.  
  • Get Ready: Everyone must demonstrate their readiness and commitment by applying for MIT. Yes, to ensure this training is right for you, but also to reflect on what your goals are - saying it out loud (or in this case writing it down in your application) is how you’ll go in prepared to get what you need. 

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Built By People You Can Trust

Great training is by design... Meet The Architects

With over 50 years of combined experience in deep traditions, trained as teachers, but also in life, you can be sure your training is built on more than just the latest fad.

And if it looks like we're having fun while we do this, yeah, you can do that, too.

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Rev. angel Kyodo williams is an author, award-winning activist, international speaker, Master Trainer, and Zen priest. Rev. is the visionary badass behind MNDFL Training who powerfully communicates the relevance of mindfulness as an essential skill that anyone can access. Leveraging practices from time-tested ancient wisdom, she has helped thousands of people meet today's modern, fast-paced life with more grace, connection, and compassion in as little as five minutes a day. Rev. angel knows that a mindful life doesn’t happen by accident, but by design. 

David Perrin

David Perrin is Director of MNDFL Teacher Training, original Head Teacher of MNDFL Greenwich Village, and co-founder of MNDFL Ed. school-based program. Collaborator, syncretist, facilitator of circle in its myriad forms, David is a meditation mentor and friend to students, trainees, and fellow instructors. As creative arts therapist, social venture business co-owner, philanthropist, partner and father, David articulates the multiplicity of meaning encompassed by a modern practice of mindfulness.

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Full Training Value

Course Value
Intro to Mindfulness $47
EMT+: Essential Mindfulness Training+ $997
MIT: Mindfulness Intensive Training (Live Classes) $1500
Full Training Value $2544

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Meet Your Faculty:

Diverse Peoples & Perspectives

Mindfulness isn't one size or one voice fits all. When you train with us, you train with people that look like the world does. 

Our commitment to diversity extends to our faculty including world-class teachers, professionals, guest scientists and even a neurosurgeon. Many faces, one commitment:

Feel good, be good do good...
& share that goodness with the world.

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