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Our Equity Commitment

to make the world a more MNDFL and equitable place.

of Faculty

are BIPOC-identifying


of Classes

are reserved for scholarship candidates


of Scholarships

are allocated for marginalized identities



MNDFL is committed to looking at equity differently, not perpetuating broken systems, and taking measures to ensure a greater balance in all that we do.

To live the values we aspire to realize, white-identifying facilitators will be paired with BIPOC-identifying facilitators. Conversely, if there is only one facilitator, that facilitator will be BIPOC-identifying.

Scholarship Program

We are committed to more representation and the creative, innovative offering of mindfulness in society. We will select scholarship recipients whose identity, life experiences, and purpose add to the mindfulness constellation. Additionally, applicants will be chosen based on their level of commitment to learn, change, and shift their potential and capacity.

The MNDFL Certification & Training program will offer scholarships — both full and partial — for 20% of the class.

Of that 20%, 75% is allocated for marginalized identities, 25% for innovation (i.e., if there are 100 people in a class, there will be 20 scholarships. If there are 50 people in a cohort, there will be 10 scholarships, and so on).

Once we have exhausted the available scholarships for each, they will be available for the next cohort.

This structure — and transparency around it — assures integrity of scholarship allocation in that it is pre-determined, and is also balanced to assure that it is sustainable for the program and its human benefit business model. We are offering several scholarship options. We trust that you will select the one that both strengthens your commitment to the program and supports your financial sustainability.

This intention lies as the core guiding principle of MNDFL Training, its content, development and implementation.

Scholarships are available for MIT + CMI paths.

Partial scholarships

mean we will gift the entire cost of Intro+EMT:

- Certification: $1396

- Mindfulness Intensive Training: $749

Full scholarships 
mean the practitioner pays only a baseline of fees
and hard costs associated with running the program.

- Certification: $250

- Mindfulness Intensive Training: $250

If you apply for a scholarship, you must pay the $50 application fee, If you are selected, your $50 application fee will be applied to your program fee. If not accepted, we will refund the full application fee.  

These scholarships are currently underwritten by MNDFL and M3O. In the future we will have a scholarship fund to extend further support. We also intend to develop an Award program that is not need-based.

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