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We're not just teaching mindfulness, we're teaching you about mindfulness. 

This program was rigorously designed to help you explore the unique way that you relate, in real time and real life, to this practice.

From Intro to Mindfulness to MIT, our video content features a wonderfully diverse group of accomplished teachers and scientists with a wide array of expertise and style. These self-study options are designed to feel conversational and intimate, as if you were discussing these subjects one-on-one with them.

Our expertly facilitated experiences, the Practicum and Certification Weekend, are opportunities for self-discovery and collaborative learning where different perspectives are celebrated as we work toward sharing this practice with the world at large. 

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What You'll Get


  • Certified in Mindfulness Instruction* by MNDFL, one of the country's leading mindfulness and meditation companies.
  • Training and education by an unparalleled collective of expert teachers and scientists. Learn from fourteen different individuals, including three neuroscientists and, yes, even a neurosurgeon.
  • Diverse Leadership. 50% of our teaching staff identify as BIPOC.
  • Mindfulness in a truly modern context. You can directly apply learnings to what we are individually and collectively facing right now. 
  • A collaborative and dynamic learning environment. This program allows for self-discovery, communal reflection and access to expert facilitators who can help you cultivate your unique relationship to mindfulness.
  • Credibility. Develop the skills to lead mindfulness practices professionally (and earn income for it!)
  • Confidence. Bring mindfulness to your people and communities with integrity.
  • A robust network of mindfulness professionals. Join a community of people who have a common goal of sharing this practice with the planet.
  • Become a part of the MNDFL Family. Join the ranks of hundreds of individuals that MNDFL has trained who have gone on to teach in corporations, universities, schools and privately. 
  • Become a better human. Deepen your relationship with others as a better partner, parent, friend, confidant, boss, colleague or employee while you're at it.
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Gain the knowledge and skills to get hired as a mindfulness instructor and share this practice far and wide. 

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Bring this practice to all that you do from interactions with loved ones to relating to your clients, colleagues, and even strangers. 

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