MIT Prepares Practitioners for Resilience and Increased Capacity
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Mindfulness Intensive Training Prepares Practitioners in Greater Resilience, Increased Capacity, and a Wider Set of Skills for the New Year

david perrin jylani ma'at mit mndfl dei press release rev angel training Oct 18, 2022

 MNDFL’s ten-week live online experience integrates age-old wisdom with modern science, in an accessible program developed to meet the challenges people face today


MNDFL will soon be offering its last live Mindfulness Intensive Training (MIT) of the year. Prospective participants are encouraged to register by October 24 at

MNDFL launched New York’s first mindfulness drop-in studio and a recognized leader in the mindfulness sector. After the COVID-19 pandemic, MNDFL pivoted to develop online programs like MNDFL Training, Lifestyle & Certification.

Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Senior Architect and CEO (Chief Enlightenment Officer) of the new MNDFL, led the building of its MIT program in response to the meteoric rise in popularity of mindfulness during the pandemic. The program catalyzes an evolution to “Mindfulness 3.0,” using the principles of “Mindful DEI:” diversity, evidence, and integrity. 

Rev. angel is a two-time published author, diversity and accessibility thought-leader, and the world’s most senior Black woman Zen teacher. She shares that the design of the MIT is explicitly about encouraging practitioners to engage in mindfulness directly through the material of their own lives rather than old texts that may be out of context:

"Do you want your mindfulness to be able to meet the challenges of the life that you are living now? Whether that is formally or informally, whether you want to become certified or just to deepen your own practice, that is the question that we are asking."

The MIT course was co-designed by Rev. angel and David Perrin, MNDFL’s CMO (Chief Mindfulness Officer). It features 10 live-interactive sessions led by trained and diverse faculty. The program’s curated practicum offers an invaluable opportunity to build tools and skill sets for sharing mindfulness practice with others, while bonding with a self-selected group of dedicated practitioners. 

jylani ma’at, Senior Director of Education & Community Innovation at MNDFL, believes that the collective aspect of the MIT is essential:

You could do this at home by yourself, right? Or you could come into a collective, and discuss your mindfulness journey. Through the engagement with others there's a deepening of your own practice. That witnessing, that experiencing, that processing… in front and out loud, with other people witnessing it.

Practitioners who register by October 24 can join the new cohort or defer their training to a later date. There are no applications or prerequisites, and everyone who successfully completes the MIT is eligible to apply to become a  MNDFL Certified Mindfulness Instructor. 

For further information about MNDFL and Mindfulness 3.0, visit or email us at [email protected].

FOR RELEASE ON: October 18, 2022

Contact: jylani ma’at, Head of Training, MNDFL

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