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Mental Health Awareness Month & Mindfulness Pandemic Relief

education May 13, 2022


"Go get yourself a mindfulness practice,

but not by yourself."

- Rev. angel Kyodo williams


How has the pandemic affected your mental health? We've all been profoundly affected by the disruption of the past two+ years. Experiences of isolation, depression and anxiety over an extended period of time have a profound effect on our nervous systems, bodies and minds. And, we are experiencing collective grief and trauma, and we must collectively heal, together.

 As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, MNDFL is launching a first-of-its-kind program, Mindfulness Pandemic Relief (MPR). Come get resuscitated – MPR will offer relief from the pandemic by way of mindfulness available to anyone (virtually) regardless of ability to afford. MPR Sessions will focus on 3 antidotes to the impact of the pandemic on peoples' mental wellness:

  • to navigate the anxiety of the unknown by returning to presence
  • to combat isolation through community practice
  • to mitigate depression through gratitude and self-compassion

 We are kicking things off together with MPR Live Week:

Daily 15 minute micro mindfulness practices offered on IG Live @mndflmeditation

  • Weekends at 10:30am ET
  • Weekdays at 12pm ET & 7pm ET 

Follow @mndflmeditation on Instagram to drop in. We have a veritable and diverse group of MNDFL Certified folks ready to be unleashed into the world and offer mindfulness as relief.



MNDFL Training 

The first mindfulness training, with an optional path for certification, designed for people learning, practicing, and sharing mindfulness in modern contexts of work, life, and communities as diverse as the world we live in. Explore this 4-stage program that meets you where and how you live. 

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